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  • PHP Introduction

    PHP was created to run on a web-server and provide a server-side programming platform. It is a simple in its usage because within one file you can have HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. The PHP opening tag is <?php and the closing tag is ?> Our first sample PHP program will look like this:

  • PHP 12/22/23

    PHP was originally created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. More info Setting up a local development with Wampserver More info Setting up a local development with Local More info 3/4 of the internet is currently powered by PHP More info

  • PHP-9-1-2023

    To start today we will go to Click on the “Download” button. Install local on your computer. Run local Click the ” + ” button on the bottom left of the screen Click the green “Continue” button. Type in a name for your new site eg. (php-9-1) then click “Continue” You can use the…