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  • PHP Introduction

    PHP was created to run on a web-server and provide a server-side programming platform. It is a simple in its usage because within one file you can have HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. The PHP opening tag is <?php and the closing tag is ?> Our first sample PHP program will look like this:

  • PHP 12/22/23

    PHP was originally created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. More info Setting up a local development with Wampserver More info Setting up a local development with Local More info 3/4 of the internet is currently powered by PHP More info

  • PHP-9-1-2023

    To start today we will go to Click on the “Download” button. Install local on your computer. Run local Click the ” + ” button on the bottom left of the screen Click the green “Continue” button. Type in a name for your new site eg. (php-9-1) then click “Continue” You can use the…

  • Welcome to 2023

    Welcome to 2023

    Welcome to WordPress 6.1.1 online courses. Starting this year we will be providing online virtual courses teaching you how to use WordPress, what plugins to use, which themes are easiest to use.